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After 3˝ months in a warehouse and in transport the car has now arrived to its new home in Denmark.  It was original purchased in Sunnyvale on May 23rd, 1971. The car was later given to the original owner’s son, who sold the car to me on July 10th, 2004.  During the 33 years it was in the same family, the car was located first in Santa Clara and later in Hollister, both California.  During the 33 years the car has only been driving a little over 90,000 miles.

The 1800E got off the assembly line in Gothenburg on December 17, 1970 and was given the number 34706.

The car is very original - only the radio has been exchanged with a newer model. It is my intention to bring the car back to the same state as it had in 1970/71.  As it always has been in a dry environment, the car has no rust.

In the Spring of 2006 all the repairs and modifications have been completed. In order to get Danish license plate, two major events had to be carried out.  The most important was to have the passing of all the tests at the Vehicle Test Center, and the less important but more expensive activity was to pay the tax on the car. Even though the car taxes are significantly reduced for a car older than 35 years, you can still buy a lot of gas for the amount I had to pay!

On April 11, 2006 the new licence plates (YB4 1800) were mounted on the car, just in time for the Spring and Summer!


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