The Volvo 1800, or P1800 as many people call the car, was manufactured between 1961 and 1973.

Half a century later, there is still a great interest in the Volvo 1800 model. It is also extremely interesting to observe that many of the owners of the model today are young people who were born after the last Volvo 1800 was produced. If you ask these young people what makes them invest in a particular Volvo 1800 car, the answer is most often that the car's design is the essential factor. It a proof that good design is timeless.


In this book, which in many ways is a tribute to the 60th anniversary of the Volvo 1800, the story behind the car will be uncovered, and hopefully even incarnated Volvo 1800 connoisseurs will learn new details about the car. It has also been the intention to gather technical information about the car in one place. The information has been available in various places but has now been assembled in one place.

In addition to technical descriptions in text and pictures, the book contains a review of the car's significance in films and commercials throughout half a century. An interesting aspect of this segment is the creation of Volvo's advertising photos taken around the world, but where most photos naturally were taken in the Nordic countries.