Scope of the Book

This book is the story of the Volvo 1800, which was primarily created to generally increase awareness of Volvo and sales of Volvo cars outside Sweden. The book describes Volvo's history from the start in 1927 until the last Volvo 1800 drove off the assembly line in 1973. However, the focus is on the design phase of the Volvo 1800, the problems of finding a place where the car could be produced, and the problems that production at the start was affected by.

The book describes in detail the 12 model years that were produced between 1961 and 1973. The influence of the Volvo 1800 model on later Volvo cars, such as the Volvo 480, and newer models such as the Volvo C30. The reader can also learn about several examples of the use of the Volvo 1800 in films and commercials, as well as be informed about famous people who have owned a Volvo 1800 over the years. The book contains more than 1,000 photos and illustrations, a significant part of which has not previously been published.

Although the Volvo 1800 was only produced in less than 50,000 cars, there is no doubt that the car model has had a very positive impact on Volvo's sales of cars in the US market in particular, and at the same time has become one of Volvo's most important icons.

Contents of the Book


Foreword by Pelle Petterson


Volvo's History in Brief

Volvo 1800 From Start to Finish

Description of Each Model Year

   P1800   1961/62

   P1800S 1963

   1800S   1964

   1800S   1965

   1800S   1966

   1800S   1967

   1800S   1968

   1800S   1969

   1800E   1970

   1800E   1971

   1800E   1972

   1800ES 1972

   1800ES 1973

Rims and Hubcaps

Front and Air Intake Grilles


The First and Last Volvo 1800

Volvo 1800 Convertible

Volvo 1800 in Film and Advertising

Volvo 1800 Advertising Photos Taken Around the World

Volvo 1800 Famous Owners

Volvo 1800 Successors

Volvo 1800 Accessories

Volvo 1800 as Miniature Model Cars

Volvo 1800 Literature and Information

Volvo 1800 Cars at the End of the Road

Volvo 1800 Specifications

Volvo 1800 Type Plates

Volvo 1800 Color Codes and Upholstery Codes

Volvo 1800 Engines

Volvo 1800 Production Series

List of Sources

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